Demo Day: When Worlds Collide

The TimeWave Festival aimed to bridge pioneer artists and the digital startup community. The cross-fertilization of artists and technologists may lead to relevant ideas and concepts for new applications and businesses in the digital space.

In 2013, we explored robotics, motion capture data and 3D projection mapping.

A panel, “When Worlds Collide,” probed the current intersection of art and technology on June 22nd, and included the following participants:body>data>space, Illuminos and Roborigami.

Demo Day featured a giant robotic origami installation – think foxes that squeak. See video of these robotic foxes at:




Roborigami is a giant robotic origami installation created in collaboration between an artist, robotic scientist and interaction designer. It is a harmony of modern robotics technology with the traditional craft of origami. Roborigami aims to evoke a sense of serene melancholy and a spiritual longing and encourage the audience to slow down, take notice of surroundings and appreciate the passing of time.

Ad Spiers: Ad is currently a researcher at Bristol Robotics Laboratory, where he investigates technology that communicates via the sense of touch (haptics) and its application to future surgical practice. Ad has been obsessed with all things robotic since seeing the movie Short Circuit as a child. Since then he has studied robotics extensively and built a number of electronic / electromechanical systems for both scientific and artistic endeavours. His creative works have included hand held robotic flowers that guide blind and sighted people through dark installations and drawing robots that add their own style to an artist’s instructions. Please visit for more information.

Coco Sato: Installation artist, art director and workshop leader, Coco Sato was born and grew up in Yokohama and Tokyo in Japan, then lost and found herself at art college in London. She obtained a BA (Hons) Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and currently lives in Brighton UK. She travels extensively to showcase her idiosyncratic “Giant Origami” installations and runs workshops at festivals and events. As a conceptual artist Coco works site specifically, primarily in nature and in urban space, unifying Zen philosophy, science and play. Her work explores the balance between nature and human culture, and function as a reminder to take notice of surroundings and appreciate the passing of time. Coco’s latest collaboration, robotised high-tech giant origami installation, Roborigami creates an interactive environment in which the audience encounters a unique sensory experience.


Illuminos ( are brothers Matt and Rob Vale, creating visually inventive, memorable artworks and experiences. Our works range from very large scale illumination to small scale imagery, but always working to create something unique and specific to location and viewer. Combining elements of installation, dance, movement and music through film and architecture, each project that we approach develops from an exploration of the emotions of an environment, aiming to capture the essence of a place, space or feeling as a shared moment of time.

See video of Illuminos presentation at:




body>data>space ( is an East London design collective creating innovative connections between performance, architecture, virtual worlds and new media. We work to share and extend future scenarios of virtual/physical blended space and produce international action-research projects, commissions, exhibitions, debates, conferences, learning experiences and websites with a wide range of sectors. Emerging from the pioneer digital performance collective shinkansen/ Future Physical (1989-2004) we use our own collaboration and networked creation processes to vision the future of the human body and its real-time relationship to evolving global, social and technological shifts.

See video of body>data>space presentation at:

Body Data Space