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Friday, 13 Oct. 1307 ~ King Philip arrested the Knights Templar. The warrior-monks vanished overnight as did their treasure. Is the Grail hidden in the New World?

Little did people realise that the Holy Grail was in safekeeping in a wee bank in Shropshire.

Bank manager Catrin Jones noticed a Minotaur lurking in the shadows. Hungry to steal the Cup, the beast would bury it in the Underworld. Once there, the Cup’s healing powers would be lost. So Catrin nicked the Grail and fled to London. She’d heard of a modern Knights Templar, who toiled by day and protected humanity at night. She’d give the Grail to the Knights but – horror! – a pack of Minotaurs was on her heels. Catrin hid the Grail just before the beasts took her hostage.

Catrin left clues for you to find the Grail and take it to the Knights. Go on the Quest. Outsmart the Minotaurs.

SAT 20 APRIL 2013: London & New York City
NOON – 5:00 PM GMT @ London Hunt

Find the Grail before the Minotaurs do.
NOON – 5:00 PM EST @ New York City Hunt

London: In this 2-hour game, Old World teams (10 players each) hunted for objects in Clerkenwell hotspots…from the Order of St. John to Blackfriars Bridge to the International Magic Shop. They may have been looking for a charm against the Plague, a tombstone or a silver goblet. They may have been asked to invent something – the holiest of drinks. The first team that scored 100,000 points won…and saved the Grail.

New York City: The game continued as New World teams (10 players each) hunted for objects in Manhattan hotspots…from Clinton Castle to the tombstones of Trinity Church to the Grand Lodge of the Masons. They may have been looking for a marker of a headless ghost who haunted Wall Street, a symbol of George Washington or a troll in the East Village. They may have been asked to concoct something – the most rebellious of drinks.

Puppetmasters and London players helped New York players via Twitter during the hunt for the Grail. Minotaurs identified players by QR codes pinned to their backs. 

Grail Game London

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Grail Game New York City

Grail Game US 1
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Puppetmasters Leading You Through the Maze via Twitter

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