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TimeWave was an international festival that fused technology and theatre to explore the theme of ‘Transformation’ in the 21st Century. Dates: June 19-23, 2013. Venue: Innovation Warehouse, 1 East Poultry Avenue, London EC1A 9PT – Tech City.

The festival was produced by LoNyLa/TimeWave, a global artists network fueled by graduates of Yale University, in partnership with Innovation Warehouse, a leading British accelerator for digital startups, and the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York City.

“I am really looking forward to being a part of the TimeWave festival – I believe that all the artists involved aspire to set the bar higher for new writing and that the results will be at the cutting edge of storytelling and performance.” Cannes Golden Palm winner, writer/director Neil LaBute

TimeWave gathered audiences to experience a performance that was simultaneously theatrical, cinematic, and Internet-driven, and where audiences could contribute via social media.

“I can only appreciate having the chance to be part of the act of pioneering.” Drayton Hiers, Artistic Director, LoNyLa Singapore

Theater allowed you to imagine scenes anywhere in the world; film allowed you to see scenes anywhere in the world; Timewave allowed for scenes to occur anywhere in the world and for audiences to connect directly to those places.

Our Vision: to unleash the creative potential of a multicultural collective via technology.

Honorary Chairpersons

John Guare, Douglas Rushkoff, John Patrick Shanley

Timewave aimed to bring audiences together to experience a performance that was simultaneously theatrical, cinematic, and Internet-driven, and where audiences could contribute via social media and telepresence.

By using telepresence and broadcasting technologies that have been migrated to the cloud, TimeWave created a new code for an international live arts event. Theatre from multiple locations could be streamed into a single performance, enabling local audiences to travel around the world and never leave their seats.

Theme: Transformation

Dozens of award-winning artists and multimedia creators, such as Berkeley’s Smith/Wymore Disappearing Acts and Montreal’s Teoma Naccarato, from around the world gathered in London, May 2013. Writers and multimedia creators reflected on change. It could be a personal cathartic moment — a window into the cosmos — or an imagined couple’s journey into space.

Traditional theatre artists were encouraged to spread their wings and explore the use of new technology in their work. Many embraced the opportunity, and wrote startling pieces that took advantage of mediated reality and environments.


75 Artists from Around the World


Wesley Leon Aroozoo, Paul Charlton, Nick Cheesman, Gary Duggan, Alan Dunnett, Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros, Sheri Graubert, Zainabu Jallo, Maksym Kurochkin, John Freedman, Neil LaBute, William Leavengood, Jonathan Lewis, Kara Manning, Lachlan Philpott, J Dakota Powell, Steve Serpas, David Simpatico


Ali Anderson-Dyer, Cesar Barlo, Lewis Gray, Katherine Hayes, Drayton Hiers, Neil LaBute, Elina Lim, Orvis Evans, Antonio Merenda, Ben Mills, James O’Donnell, Josh Rowe, Ashley Marie Scoles, Elyse Singer, Dylan Southard, Roy Alexander Weise, Stephen Whitson



Jesse Gassongo Alexander, Toyin Ayedun-Alase, Francesca Bailey, Suanne Braun, Hayley Burgess, Molly Logan Chase, Jordan Coffey, Katharine Drury, Grahame Edwards, EZ Gutmann, Graham Halstead, Arthur Kohn, Nick Korsa, Claire Lams, Max Lesser, Kerry Malloy, James McNeill, T’Nia Miller, Bevin Ng, José Gonçalo Pais, Guy Paul, Breenan Pickman-Thoon, Laura Ramadei, Bobby Rodriguez, Christine Annette Rosario, David Rysdahl, John Schwab, Judith Sharp, Caleb Shomaker, Evelyn Spahr, Katherine Templar, Dan Truman, Matthew Walker, J.B. Waterman, Mark Weatherup Jr., Gary Widlund, Anne Wittman

Production Team

J Dakota Powell, Producing Artistic Director
Simon Gethin Thomas, Lighting and Production Designer – London
Jake Witlen, Literary Advisor – International
Luisa Marieth Morales, Producing Partner – London
Alison Reader, Producer – New York City
Nicholas Hart, Associate Producer – London

Board of Directors

Rebecca Argyle, Nixi Cura, Chas Cowing, Chris Huntington, Andrew Jaffe, Michael Jung, William Lipschutz, J Dakota Powell, Melissa Wolff